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  1. Your presentation will be 4 minutes long, followed by 3 minutes for questions and answers.
  2. Presentations will be made using PC data. The compatible application software is Windows Microsoft Office 365 (compatible with PowerPoint 2021 and 2019). If you have created your presentation using a different version of PowerPoint, please check the operation status in PowerPoint 2021 beforehand.
  3. Please create your slides in 16:9 (wide size).
  4. Please name the file "Affiliation _Presenter's Name".
  5. Please use the fonts that come standard with the software. Please note that special fonts may cause display misalignment or garbled characters. [Recommended fonts] Japanese: MS Gothic, MSP Gothic, MS Mincho, MSP Mincho / English: Arial, Times New Roman
  6. If you are using video or audio data, please be aware that there is a possibility that the screening may not be possible due to PC problems on the day. Please use video files that can be played with Windows Media Player. Please note that other formats cannot be played.

Please send your presentation data to the following email address:
Must arrive by Friday, June 28th

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